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1 of every 5 students has dyslexia. 

70% of 4th graders across the nation cannot read at a proficient level.

- NAEP 2022 statistics

The problem:
Every child must match sounds to letters to learn to read.

The answer:

Uncover all the tools needed to teach a child to read, write and spell in an incredibly fun way.


The Sound Case™ was originally developed for children with dyslexia, with the use of multi-sensory scripted lessons using proven principles of the Science of Reading.

Based on Orton-Gillingham techniques, The Sound Case utilizes the Science of Reading to help students connect sounds to letters and uncover letter combinations needed to read, write and spell. 


We now know this can work for all struggling readers. We can help.

We offer hope.


With it's unique Letter to Sound Action Strip, a child helps you step through each lesson in 5-10 minute increments. And you'll use high-interest children's books available at your library or online.


Designed with children ages 5-7 in mind, this curriculum will guide you through the phonics techniques and methods proven to work in 

the Science of Reading studies. Lightly scripted individual lessons use literacy themed content to develop vocabulary and comprehension.


The whole of The Sound Case experience has been termed "magical" by one teacher.


You'll also find it perfect for English as a Second Language instruction as well.


Emerging readers need little victories and in these times of lowering reading scores nationwide, the author, Jeanine Phillips, proves her mission of all children reading, all children succeeding with this edition of The Sound Case™. 

The Sound Case Shelf Box contents to help children read, write and spell.
The See 'N Sound Deck to help children connect sounds to letters to help them read, write and spell well.

Click on The Sound Case photo and learn more

Click on The See 'N Sound™ Deck and see more elements inside the box

Screenshot 2023-04-12 at 3.08.39 PM.png

"I'm a parent or guardian
and need to prepare my child 
to read."

Screen Shot 2019-07-25 at 10.58.33 AM teacherSoundCase.png

"I'm a teacher
and need to prepare my children to read."

Laugh yourself silly. Click the arrow and hear the "s" sound work: 

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